"...the narrative grips the reader from the first panel to the last, treating the audience to a moving rumination on love, free will, sexuality, and the question of whether a machine can feel... an emotional winner..."

Publishers Weekly review of Artifice

Artifice Graphic Novel

Artifice is a full-color science-fiction graphic novel written by Alex Woolfson and illustrated by Winona Nelson. You can order a premium-quality softcover right now directly from Alex or Amazon.com.


Artifice was originally released as a page-a-week webcomic. You can read it in its entirety here. Alex’s current webcomic is the multi-chapter, superhero-thriller The Young Protectors.

About Alex

Alex Woolfson grew up loving science-fiction and action movies, but never got to see what he really wanted to see—kick-ass genre stories with real heroes who just happened to like other guys. After Alex started a successful career as a filmmaker in the Bay Area, he soon realized the best way to make the “big-budget” adventure stories he craved would be as full-color comics.

In addition to writing and publishing comics, Alex enjoys eating other people’s cooking, talking to strangers in the far parts of the world and spending weeks at a time on silent meditation retreat.