Special Patreon Pin-ups

A New Reward for $10+ Patrons

One of the most frequent requests I have gotten from new Patrons is for the ability to access previously posted NSFW pin-ups. Over the last couple years, I have been re-releasing the NSFW pin-ups as Flashback Friday posts on a nearly monthly basis, but that still means new Patrons have to wait to download them, sometimes for a very long time.

But now I’m able to offer a brand new reward that changes all that! Current $10+ Patrons now have immediate access to previously posted NSFW pin-ups with the new download library I have created on itch.io!

Here is the link to the library of NSFW Pin-ups for $10+ Patrons:


(And there are some simple instructions about how to get connected in this post.)

What do you get?

Below are sneak peek thumbnail images of NSFW pin-ups you’ll be able to download and enjoy!

(Of course the actual pin-ups are not cropped and are not censored—you get to see everything.)

Check them out!